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Town and Country Timber Flooring

Town and Country Timber Flooring

Town and Country Timber Flooring are a multi-generational local family business. Lindsay and his wife, Roslyn, started Town and Country Timber Flooring in Albury in 1993, and their son Matthew joined in 1998. Their son, Darren, owns and operates a floor sanding company, working with his family often. They began with only five employees and now have up to fifteen employees and fifteen contractors working with them throughout the region. 

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The Challenge

As the business kept growing, Town & Country Timber Flooring needed to effectively manage a larger team, develop strong leaders, and improve their HR functions like policies, procedures, and employee contracts.  

As more work came in, they also had to expand their team to keep up with demand. It is challenging across industries to find suitable candidates in the current job market. Recruiting the right people is more difficult than before, with more job opportunities and fewer people to fill these positions.   

Having more employees meant that the issues they were facing became more complex and required processes and policies to manage and mitigate any risks.  

The Solution

We proactively recruited a mid-level management team to join Town and Country Timber Flooring to handle the business’s day-to-day functions, allowing Lindsay, Roslyn, and Matthew the freedom to concentrate on growing the business.  

We introduced policies across the business to ensure correct procedures were followed, including implementing performance management processes.  

In addition to introducing new team members and policies, Town & Country Timber Flooring completed some Management Training with their senior-level staff, including the new executive-level management we had recruited.

The Impact

Creating a clear hierarchy has allowed for direct communication between all team members.  

A dedicated middle-level management team enables the whole team to have more direct communication with each other and the knowledge that they have the support behind them to get the jobs done.  

Having performance management processes set out has meant that we have been able to keep two of the three team members we took through the process, keeping their vast knowledge of our business and experience within the industry.  

Since completing their DiSC Profile Training, Matthew says the team has a better understanding of how to approach each other with ideas or problems. 

We have been working with Town and Country Timber Flooring for a year across multiple projects, including restructuring, recruitment, and team training. Town & Country Timber Flooring keep going from strength to strength. Introducing a management level within the business provided a clear hierarchy. It allowed the Directors & Operations Managers to focus on growing the business without being sidetracked by every detail of the day. They trust their management team to manage the business efficiently and effectively and have the processes to handle possible issues. They have the skills to work alongside different personality styles and understand how other people operate.  

If you would like to know more about our HR services or how we might be able to assist your business, please get in touch.

“We have found candidates that have the skills but not the personality fit for the business. There is no good or bad personality. Every strength has an opposing weakness, and for me, the weaknesses were really interesting to see,”

Matthew Tucker, General Manager – Town and Country Timber Flooring


Town and Country Timber Flooring





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