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Coaching Training & Workshops

Coaching Training & Workshops

Investing in your people is investing in the future of your business

If you want to attract and retain the best people in your team, you have to empower support and nurture them.

world-class training and assessment programs

We offer a range of world-class training and assessment programs that will grow your people

Our training can help improve workplace communication and teamwork, enhance staff skills and knowledge, and create an environment of excellence where team members feel valued and supported.

We can deliver training in your workplace, or in our purpose-built training space. Our Training Space is also available for hire for your next team meeting. (which is also available for hire).



Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing

Research shows that investing in employee wellbeing doesn’t just benefit your people – it improves your business bottom line too. A happy, healthy workforce is a productive workforce. The more resilient employees are, the better equipped they are to deal with change or tough times.

But when it comes to boosting the wellbeing, resilience and productivity of your people, where do you start?

The Wraw (Workplace resilience and wellbeing) Index is a world-first tool to measure employee resilience and its impact on wellbeing. It gives you a snapshot of your workforce’s resilience and recommends strategies for increasing that resilience.

Total HRM is proud to be one of the first Australian businesses accredited by Wraw and the only Master Practitioners in Australia.

How does it work


Online questionnaire

Wraw uses an online questionnaire to assess someone’s inner drive, flexible thinking, relationship building skills and capacity to persevere in challenging times.


Personalised report

After the questionnaire is completed you’ll receive a personalised report for each individual. This shows how greatly they feel the effect of pressures, challenges and adversity. The report includes strategies for strengthening the personal resilience of each person. Team and leadership reports are also available.


Next steps

The Wraw reports provide your organisation with tangible, valuable data that can help you better support your employees and foster a culture of healthy high performance.


Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness

Everyone is different – and that can be both wonderful and frustrating, especially in the workplace!

DiSC is an assessment tool that helps people better understand themselves and how they react to situations, in order to improve workplace communication, teamwork and productivity.

DiSC is an acronym for the four main personality types identified in the assessment: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

DiSC is included as part of our Recruitment service. We can also conduct a DiSC assessment for existing people in your workplace.

The simple test involves answering a series of questions to determine which is your dominant trait – D i S or C.

The results give your team members an insight into what motivates them, how they solve problems and what causes them to feel stress. It also helps them understand how their personality and work style may differ from the people they work with.

This self-awareness can lead to improved teamwork and better professional relationships, and turn destructive conflict into a positive, productive tool.


Genos – Emotional Intelligence

A workplace full of people is a workplace full of emotions! And those emotions impact our lives, our work and the people around us. That’s why leading organisations worldwide are investing in their teams’ emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is your ability to identify, use and manage your own emotions, and understand emotion in others. When you have strong emotional intelligence skills it improves your ability to make good decisions, build collaborative relationships, deal with stress and cope with change.

So how do you measure and boost the emotional intelligence of your team members?

Genos EI is a survey developed to measure Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Total HRM is a Genos EI Certified Practitioner.

The survey measures how well someone demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours in comparison to others.
You can use the results to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, and develop strategies to increase their emotional intelligence.
This science-based tool is a powerful way to improve empathy, leadership, performance and culture in your business or organisation.

Signature program

Leading Others

Whether you’re new to leadership or looking to develop new skills to get the most out of your team, our Leading Others program will set you up for success.

Developed on the foundations of our own leadership journeys, we want to share with you the best practice methods we have learnt along the way, supported by our learnings with world-class HR tools like DiSC, Genos Emotional Intelligence, and WRAW.

Tailored program


Remember – we solve your people problems!

If your team needs specific training – from time management to sales to dealing with difficult customers – ask about our customised training packages.

We can tailor a program to transform the people power of your business.


We can work with one or more of your team members to further their skills and knowledge and map a path for growth. This might involve strengthening their emotional intelligence and resilience at work, or developing their leadership capacity.

We can also coach employees who are experiencing issues with a co-worker or manager to help them reach a positive outcome.

We take the stress out of managing your underperforming team members with performance coaching services. Through this coaching we may identify that someone is the wrong fit for their current role, or for that workplace in general. If so, we can help with possible recruitment or outplacement to move them into a role that’s right for them, and bring a more suitable person into that position.

Ready to start?

Let’s talk about how we can strengthen your business foundations and transform your workplace.

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