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Turn up the people power of your business

Total HRM turns up the people power of your business with simple, practical ‘people solutions’ that are proven to work.

attract, develop, and retain the very best people

As your HR consultant, we use our industry-leading skills and knowledge to help you attract, develop and retain the very best people, so your business can reach its full potential.

We are experts at solving people problems. When things aren’t running smoothly in your workplace you can rely on us to handle the situation with honesty, empathy and your business’s best interests at heart.

We simplify the way you manage and communicate your policies and procedures. This might mean creating an employee handbook so that all the information about the people side of your business is easily accessible and understood.

HR Health Check

Our HR Health Check is a critical piece of work for every business.

It identifies whether you have the right foundations in place for the people side of what you do. Not only does it ensure you’re meeting all legal requirements, it helps you develop a clear direction for improving yourself, your people and your business results.

Our HR Health Check involves three steps:

The must-haves

Do you comply with legal requirements?

This is essential for minimising risk and protecting your business.

The should-haves

Are you operating with ideal HR practices?

Failing to address these should-haves can affect your business’s bottom line – for example with increased Workcover premiums, mental health claims, injury rates and employee turnover.

The nice-to-haves

Where can you improve your approach to people management to deliver even better results for your team & business?

Acting on these recommendations helps you retain staff and become an employer of choice. E.g. Recruiting the right people for your business, training and career


When an employee makes an allegation or complaint, it’s essential that you respond promptly and professionally to ensure you protect your business and the parties involved.

The allegations might involve bullying, misconduct, harassment or illegal activity.

There are many benefits to involving an HR professional like us in the investigation: Independence, Confidentiality, No inherent bias, Strong interpersonal skills, and Knowledge of the legal frameworks

We can support you in whatever capacity you need in order to best protect your business. You may choose to lead the investigation with support from us. You might prefer to participate in an investigation led by us. Or you might engage us to handle the investigation independently from start to finish.

Whichever option you choose, having Total HRM involved will minimise disruption to your business.

An investigation allows us to:

Determine if there’s a basis for the allegations

Make recommendations on how to respond

Support you to act on those recommendations

By bringing in an external expert from Total HRM, you can remain at arm’s length from the investigation, knowing it will be conducted thoroughly and professionally and minimising any legal or financial exposure for your organisation.

On-Demand HR Consulting

Need help developing a position description or contract? Is there a complex piece of HR work that your internal HR team needs advice on? Perhaps there’s conflict in your workplace and you’re not sure how to handle it. Or you might want to connect your people with new skills and opportunities to grow.

We can provide straightforward guidance, proven advice and hands-on HR support when you need it. We are experts at solving people problems. When it’s weird and wonderful, people come to us because they know our industry-leading skills and knowledge will deliver the best for their business.

  • Help you keep up to date with the latest legislation
  • Provide guidance on employment matters like termination and pay rates
  • Advise and guide you through performance management of an employee
  • Help new businesses put solid HR foundations in place

Ready to start?

Let’s talk about how we can strengthen your business foundations and transform your workplace.

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