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Australia’s bold step toward gender pay transparency in large organisations

Jan 10, 2024

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Australia’s bold step toward gender pay transparency in large organisations

Industry News, Legislative Changes, Talent Operations
A groundbreaking initiative to close the gender pay gap is set to take effect in Australia early this year.

Data from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency shows that as of May 2023, women in Australia earned, on average, 87 cents for every dollar men earned. Legislative changes will compel larger organisations of 100 employees or more to disclose their gender pay data, marking a crucial step in promoting transparency, accountability, and ultimately closing the gender pay gap.

Mandatory gender pay reporting will be required for organisations with workforces exceeding 100 employees starting in 2024.

Key provisions

Mandatory gender pay reporting

Starting in 2024, organisations with a workforce exceeding 100 employees will be legally required to disclose their gender pay gaps. This disclosure will encompass data illustrating the disparities in earnings between male and female employees, shedding light on any existing inequalities.

Transparency in remuneration practices

The legislation is not solely focused on revealing the pay gap but also emphasises transparency in remuneration practices. Organisations will be obligated to provide insights into their salary structures, ensuring a clear understanding of how pay decisions are made within the organisation.

Inclusion of bonuses and benefits

Unlike previous reporting mechanisms that might have excluded bonuses and benefits, the new legislation mandates a comprehensive approach. Organisations will be required to disclose not only base salaries but also additional forms of compensation, providing a more accurate representation of the total remuneration received by employees.

Sector-specific benchmarks

Recognising that pay disparities may vary across industries, the legislation allows for the establishment of sector-specific benchmarks. This tailored approach aims to facilitate more nuanced assessments and comparisons within specific sectors, fostering targeted strategies for improvement.

Expected impact 

Heightened accountability

With mandatory disclosure, organisations will face increased accountability for their gender pay practices. The transparency brought about by the legislation will empower employees, investors, and the public to hold companies accountable for fostering an equitable workplace.

Identifying and addressing disparities

The detailed data on gender pay gaps, including bonuses and benefits, will enable organisations to identify specific areas of concern. Armed with this information, organisations can implement targeted strategies to address disparities and promote a more inclusive work environment.

Catalyst for change

The legislation serves as a catalyst for cultural and systemic change within organisations. By making gender pay data publicly accessible, there is a collective push for organisations to reassess their policies, promote fairness, and work towards closing the gender pay gap.

Australia’s decision to mandate gender pay disclosure in organisations with over 100 employees from 2024 signifies a landmark move toward workplace transparency and gender equality. 

As organisations prepare for compliance, the spotlight on gender pay gaps will undoubtedly drive a renewed commitment to fair remuneration practices, creating a more inclusive and equitable workforce for the future. This legislative shift reinforces Australia’s dedication to fostering gender equality and sets a progressive example for other nations to follow.

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