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Year in review – take a look at a few of our highlights of 2023

Dec 12, 2023

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Year in review – take a look at a few of our highlights of 2023

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Total HRM team
If you’re a Spotify or Apple Music user, chances are you were eagerly awaiting your 2023 Wrapped or Replay 2023 year-in-review summary. It’s the chance to look back on what made the year memorable and maybe think about what you’d like to listen to more of next year.

For us at Total HRM, our year in review is about celebrating and reflecting on client and team milestones, additional ways we’ve supported our clients and broader business community and legal wins for our clients.

Here’s our 2023 year in review.

Total HRM team
2023 was a big year, and we’re looking forward to even more in 2024.

Team updates and milestones

There have been a few changes to the Total HRM team this year. We’ve welcomed Sarah and Rebecca to the team, each bringing a wealth of industry, HR and customer service experience. Kim celebrated five years with us, and we welcomed our youngest recruit, Amelia, to the Total HRM team, with doting dad Ash becoming a first-time parent.

As exciting as it is to welcome new faces to the team, we were just as excited to see our team members spread their wings. Tom, Felicity, and Caitlin have accepted new opportunities to further their careers. For us, it’s all about living our vision, enabling every person in every workplace to improve themselves, their team and their results.

Supporting our clients and the business community

Launch of the Training Space – our multi-purpose training, function and meeting room

The Training Space was designed to be a place for learning, connecting and sharing. It’s fully equipped with a projector, webcam and AV connectivity, so it has everything you need for a collaborative session. This year, we’ve hosted large 20 to 30-person training sessions, after-hours product launches, breakfasts, and events with in-person and virtual attendees.

Leading Others – a training series developed with the experience we’ve gained from our own leadership journeys

We’re excited to continue Leading Others in 2024. The feedback and response from this year’s session have been invaluable and overwhelmingly positive. The 10-week course helps participants develop the strong foundations to be influential leaders. Whether you’re new to a leadership role or looking to upskill, we share practical tips and best practice methods for getting the most out of your teams.

Some of the most valuable topics for participants include adding new tools to their leadership toolbox and learning to adapt their communication style based on the DiSC framework.

Onboarding new clients

In 2023, we’ve worked with around 40 new clients, from government agencies to small businesses. We’ve worked across a wide range of projects with new and existing clients, including board reviews, investigations, recruitment, process reviews, and legislation compliance. One of the largest projects we worked on involved an organisational restructuring, including executive and administrator consultation, employee structure creation, and union consultation.

Recruited over 100 new employees for our clients

Our clients trust us to find high-performing team members to fill their vacant roles. It’s no secret that 2023 was a challenging year for finding suitable candidates and achieving results like these is truly one of the best parts of what we do.

Client legal wins

A significant team milestone in 2023 was Ash’s first Fair Work case win. Ash worked on behalf of the client, guiding them throughout the entire process, including interviews, mediation and conversations with the other party.

“Because the client took our advice from the start, we were able to settle the matter with only an agreement of a statement of service to be provided by the employer. It meant that from the start, the client had a sound and defensible position in order to better defend their case and resulted in no monetary compensation being provided,” Ash said.

What’s coming up in 2024

We’re looking forward to working with our current clients and welcoming new businesses that need support across all HR functions, from strategic planning and recruitment to investigations and exit strategies.

Leading Others will continue in 2024, with the next 10-week course beginning on Thursday, 8 February. We’re running our Wraw – Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing workshops, helping you understand what resilience is, why it’s important and how to maximise your own.

Learn more about Leading Others and Wraw

Before we jump into the new year, remember to take some time to slow down so you can return to work refreshed and ready to help your team excel.

If you need help with recruitment or strategic planning in 2024, contact our team on 1800 868 254 or set up a meeting.

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