Meet the Clients: O'Brien Transport

An Albury-based family business likes living and working in Albury-Wodonga so much that they take their love of home on a road trip – or, in fact, thousands of road trips-

Third generation family business, O’Brien’s Transport, has emblazoned the virtues of life in the twin cities on their truck trailers so they can be seen by tens of thousands of travellers on some of Australia’s busiest highways.

The artwork shows the Hume Weir, with the words, “We live and work in beautiful Albury-Wodonga” proudly displayed at the bottom of the image.

Eighty of their trailers spread the positive Albury-Wodonga message between Sydney and Melbourne, and as far afield as Adelaide and Brisbane.

The company’s corporate services manager, Christine O’Brien, said the idea came about from a desire to celebrate everything that’s special about living on the border, while also supporting jobs and investment growth across both cities.

“If you’re a customer and you’re driving up behind one our trucks you’re seeing an unexpected marketing image which is a subtle, understated nod to our beautiful part of the world,” she said.

“Part of the message is trying to talk about how living in a regional area gives you a work-life balance.”

Christine said the photo and words carried a secondary message as a recruitment tool for the company, which employs 100 people and has operated on the border since 1948.

By subtly pressing home the lifestyle advantages of living in Albury-Wodonga, the company hopes to attract more drivers to move to the region and join O’Brien’s – especially during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic when many metro-based drivers and their families were drawn towards a better lifestyle in the regions.

O’Brien's have also developed a structured program designed to transition new recruits into the transport industry – whether they’re a school leaver looking for a new career, or someone looking for a change in direction.

Christine says it’s a professional program centred on helping people become not just drivers, but professional drivers. “Truck driving is a professional career, and as such our Pathways Program is run professionally and without risk. Those coming through the program need to first do local work, understand fatigue and understand risk before they can progress to the next stage. People can come into our business with minimal skills and learn from the ground up.

With the promotion of Albury-Wodonga rolling up and down our highways night and day, the O’Brien family hopes to not only recruit new employees but also to help other businesses by promoting tourism and investment in the border cities.