Is Australia in going through a Great Resignation?

If you’ve been following our socials lately, you would have seen that most of our content has been recruitment based. You might have also seen talk lately of ‘The Great Resignation’, particularly in the US which has seen a significant rise of employees leaving their jobs for better remuneration & working conditions.

Cellina Little, our Talent Acquisitions Lead, thinks that although the data might not be showing it just yet, Australia is in the midst of a similar resignation wave now.

Our recruitment team has been working non-stop for the last couple of months filling many new roles and placing the right candidates who are leaving their positions for better pay and greater flexibility. “It’s integral for business to acknowledge staff and retain quality talent through competitive remuneration and training opportunities, otherwise they will seek new employment and resign,” Cellina says.

ANZ job ads data for April reveals that ANZ Job Ads fell 0.5% in April from March 2022 but were up 26.3% a year earlier at 242,536. They were 57.3% higher than the pre-pandemic level in February 2020.

With skills shortages on the rise and employees not afraid to seek new opportunities with more money, more flexibility and better career opportunities, it’s important for employers to offer Learning and Development opportunities to promote existing staff and support their career development.

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