At Total HRM the work we do always starts with the end goal in mind. 

We help businesses to clarify the "What, "How" and "When" of success.

Our results focussed programs provide your business with clear focus on improved productivity and business performance.


Strategic Plans

Developing a clear, concise and practical Strategic Plan is vital to achieving your business goals.  Total HRM can help facilitate your strategic planning giving your team renewed energy and enthusiasm for achieving your business results.

One tool we use to identify areas of HR improvement is the Integro Passion Survey

This survey focuses on the passion of an employee which has stronger evidence than employee engagement or satisfaction in supporting organisations to achieve high performance.

The survey highlights the impact of trust on employee performance, leadership behaviours that build trust and the key contributing factors to high levels of employee passion. The Survey Results are benchmarked with 5,500 Australian and US organisations.

Management & Executive Coaching

Total HRM utilise the GENOS Model of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to begin our coaching process, which is proven to enhance business performance by transforming the lives of people in the workplace.
Our workplace specific assessments measure how often a person demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours aligned to the seven skills of the Genos Model. We then tailor a coaching program to strengthen these skills in individuals, teams and businesses.

Succession Planning

For business owners succession planning allows them to realise the results of many years hard work.  Whether you are preparing your business for a potential sale or looking to develop internal capability to allow you to "step back" from day-to-day operations, Total HRM can help. 
Our succession planning program helps you to gain clarity and focus to maximise the results of your efforts. 

Board Reviews

Given the board’s key role in setting the strategic vision of the organisation and monitoring of management, small improvements in the board’s performance can have a profoundly positive impact on the effectiveness of the organisation.

A board review allows the directors time for self-reflection and is the most effective means for identifying areas for improving performance.
Leading practice strongly recommends that a board review should not only involve the board as a whole, but also reviews the contribution of individual directors through an externally facilitated process of self and peer evaluation.

Linda Griffiths-Brown Total HRM
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