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Falls Creek Alpine Resort

Falls Creek Alpine Resort

Falls Creek Alpine Resort is a medium-sized organisation that employs over 100 people during their peak Winter season, with a year-round, full-time team of 38. 

The organisation began in 1946 and has seen many changes over the last 70 years, most recently amalgamating with other Victorian Alpine resorts to become a part of Alpine Resorts Victoria. 

Project Overview

Falls Creek Alpine Resort’s primary function is to promote, develop, and attract investment into the resort. There are 140 businesses within Falls Creek, with approximately 2000 employees working across the businesses. 

There are two leading economies in Falls Creek – Summer and Winter, with Winter being the peak season. They receive about 700,000 visitors a year, with the two economic seasons, Winter and Summer, bringing in a different clientele and adventure.

In short succession, Falls Creek Alpine Resort lost both its People & Culture Manager, and EA/HR Administrator. Due to the remote location, finding the right candidates who are in the region or are willing to relocate is a difficult task

The Challenge

On the cusp of a winter season and looking at the first uninterrupted season since COVID-19 struck two years prior, Falls Creek Alpine Resort was facing the prospect of commencing this important season, with no People & Culture support.

Typically, a winter season will see the resort recruit and onboard up to 70 winter season casual staff across all areas of the organisation, from Visitor Information to Ski Patrol and Snow Services, this is a large undertaking each year by the People & Culture team.

Couple this with the Alpine Resorts Victoria amalgamation happening in the background, and you cannot afford to not have People + Culture support.

The Solution

Using us as their HR team, we could use our local knowledge of the region to target our campaigns to attract suitable candidates and sell the resort. The resort had already used different Melbourne-based recruitment agencies before with little results. “We struggled to find people in the region or interested in the region. We went with a direct HR specialist who knows the region well, and it was as simple as that.” 

The resort decided to take our HR Business Partner, Ashly, on secondment to fill that missing gap within the organisation with the big body of work pending as the Winter Season loomed. Ashly took on this position and has acted as the People + Culture Manager whilst actively recruiting for a replacement People + Culture team.  

The Impact

We managed to successfully get Falls Creek Alpine Resort through a record winter season and ease their HR headaches. Ashly worked from Falls Creek two days per week during the height of their needs, even staying on the mountain at times when the need arose. He adapted to their processes and used their systems to ensure that when he handed off his HR duties to the new team members, they could use the systems and processes already in place.

 We found great candidates for them and gave honest advice about what they needed to do to keep their team members. 

While we work to find permanent replacements, Falls Creek Alpine Resort are comfortable in the knowledge that we are getting the People + Culture service they need until such time as the right candidate comes along. They are not forced into hiring a candidate that may not be the right option simply because they did not have any HR support at the time.

“Ash has been outstanding with his guidance of our staff and the management of the process. He’s a phenomenal communicator, and he’s diligent and very considerate in the way in which he has dealt with our staff. Obviously, not having an established relationship with our staff, I think the staff members have appreciated his candour and the support he’s provided. I couldn’t speak more highly of Ash.”

Stuart Smythe, CEO – Falls Creek Resort Management



Falls Creek Resort Management


Falls Creek, Victoria



Company size

35-100 employees

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